Audrey and Jean Olivier met during a meal with friends in March 2013 in an Afghan restaurant in Montreal. A week later, Jean Olivier made the first step to reconnect with Audrey. That is how we started three months of daily discussions during long hours on Skype.

After getting to know each other well, we formalized our relationship in May 2013 by presenting Jean Olivier to Audrey’s parents. Despite the skepticism of many about the sustainability of their newly long-distance relationship, our love grew stronger day by day.

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In September, our relationship being serious, we had to think about the next step that would allow our torque to flourish. After careful consideration, we decided that Audrey would immigrate in the United States to join Jean Olivier; in January 2014, immigration paperwork was filed.



The year 2014 was dotted with travels for the two lovebirds. We have been to the Honduras, Mexico, Germany, and of course in France. Jean Olivier has left his employment as a flight instructor to become an airline pilot, as he wished for years. Audrey on her side has successfully completed her MBA and left her previous job after more than three years in the same organization.


December 27, 2014, Jean Olivier proposed in the same Afghan restaurant where we met more than a year ago.

In January 2015, Audrey started a new employment in Senegal, while being in process with immigration. In July 2015, after almost for eight months of service, the final decision from immigration arrived. She could finally get to the United States to join Jean Olivier.

In September 2015, we fully began our life as a couple by settling in Houston, Texas. By the same occasion, it became clear to us that we had ENVI to celebrate our union by a marriage. This ceremony means a lot to us; therefore, this will be an opportunity to remind our family, our friends and God the love that we have a commitment to one another despite the bushings galleys.


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