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  1. wonho

    wonhokim jong un

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  11. I would like to say thank you for the invitation to your big day. It was a pleasure to be in the presence of you and your loved one . Jean you are like a big/ small brother to me. We go along way. I would like to say to Audrey you got a strong hardworking man. I wish the two of you nothing but the best and stay positive. God bless. Love y’all .

  12. Notre métier est d’animer des mariages, en partageons notre amour, notre joie, nos émotions pour que vos invités puissent garder en souvenir des moments remplis de bonheur.
    Dans votre cas, nous n’avons pas eu besoin de travailler. Tout c’est faite naturellement, chaleureusement, car l’amour était présent partout autour de nous.
    Le plus beau mariage de notre carrière….
    Nous avons l’impression de faire partie de la famille.
    Aller ! un petit coupé/décalé ?
    Avec toute notre affection.
    Benny et Sandrine, vos amis.

  13. I was honored to be a witness to your “yes” before Men and God. May GOD therefore grant you WISDOM and PATIENCE as you embark on this perilous, but yet EXCITING married life.
    Be Friends and remain Blessed for ever.

  14. Congratulations to Jean and Audrey for taking the first step to the rest of their lives together. Just like in a cockpit, the best precaution against misunderstandings and mishaps is good, clear, unambiguous COMMUNICATION! Just like we carry extra fuel for anticipated bad weather, carry extra patience for one another when time and distance between you two is unintentional or the communication hasn’t been what it should!

    Your love for one another will be the most important component of your flight plan as you soar to new heights together so…protect it! Your ALTITUDE in life is determined by your ATTITUDE toward the obstacles along this journey! Again, congratulations and may your future be blessed with plenty of blue skies!

    PS. call for push when your ready for taxi…

  15. What a day that was! We are so honored to have been able to partake in your special day.
    May your love grow ever so strong with each anniversary !

  16. Audrey and Jean Olivier,

    Congratulations to you both, It was a marvelous wedding. Everything was so beautiful. I had a great time. Thank you and wish you both the very best.

  17. Chers Audrey et Jean-Olivier,
    ce fut un plaisir de célébrer ce grand jour avec vous, je me sens complètement choyée d’avoir pu assister à cette célébration.
    La vague d’amour internationale qui a passé par les Laurentides samedi dernier m’émeut encore!!
    Même si vous êtes loin de vos familles, je ne peux que constater à quel point vous êtes bien entouré.

    Je vous souhaite un futur rempli d’amour, de paix et d’aventures!
    N’hésitez pas à m’appeler à votre prochain passage à Montréal et je vous ferais certainement signe si je passe par le Texas! 😉

    Au plaisir,

  18. To Jean Olivier Mbog,
    What can I say; words can express how happy I am. You have come a long way and you have married a woman that will take you even further. I can proudly say you are my brother and I have gained a sister through your union. Thank you very much. Family is what we are, from Airtran days till we part from this life. Keep God always on your side and live like there is no tomorrow. Great wedding, great family on both sides. Congratulations.

    To Audrey Olivier Mbog,
    I can proudly call you my sister. You are truly bless by marrying a true gentleman; a man that will have your back through thick or thin. God bless you and your union. May your days be flourished with love, children and family supporting you to the fullest. Your were a beautiful bride, you are a beautiful person. Congratulations and cheers to a long marriage; until death due you part.

    Cheers to the newlyweds. ??

  19. Thank you for making me part of this wonderful day of your life, I wish you all the best and may God bless you abundantly. I love you guys!!!

  20. Audrey, Jean Olivier

    Be patient with each other’s, your best days are yet to come, but remember this was the first special one. Wishing you happiness for every day that comes along!

  21. What a wedding!! Your wedding was one of those events that are hard to forget. My goodness!! Everything was so well put. I am still wowed. Anyway good job Jean Olivier and Audrey. I wish you all the best and look forward to seeing you soon. God bless you!!

  22. Thank you both jean & Audrey for inviting me for a awesome wedding !
    It made me visit a city that I always wanted to spend some time traveling as well as witness of of the best wedding I’ve been to . I wish you both health ,wealth and happiness and long life with kids .

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